EKG Tech was created by Angie Levens. EKG Technicians are perhaps some of the most important components in the modern health care system. I created this site to give those looking to start a career as an EKG Technician, straight forward information on how to get started.

Here on EKG Tech you will find a complete guide to accredited schools offering degrees in this field. As a current EKG Technician at a major hospital, I lay out necessary information on what to expect from this career along with a brief summary of programs offered by various schools. No program is the same, and with this comprehensive website you will be able to pinpoint what school and type of degree could be the right fit for you.

I have made this as unbiased and informational as possible. There are not many sites like this on the net so hopefully potential students looking to build their career as an EKG tech, will find this a great learning tool. Please send me any feedback or questions you may have at Contact (at) EKGTech (dot) org.